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The patient, the one who suffers is the manager of a Chronic Disorder.
By assuming the responsibility and making the effort + investing time + money to manage the unwelcome chronic condition, once can effectively + function at a high level. Remember 80-20 Paradigm. What I do counts for 80-90% of how well I live with this condition and only 10-20% is dependent on the professional.

  1. Sleep Hygiene

  2. Rest, Relaxation & Recreation

  3. Vacations

  4. Healthy Hydration & Nutrition

  5. Exercises

  6. Self-Cognitive Therapy: Mind over Mood/Do and Feelings + thoughts will follow

  7. Talk Therapy. Resolve Unresolved Inner Conflicts

  8. Cultivate + Maintain Supportive Relationships

  9. Faith, Worship, Spirituality

  10. Attitude: Externals account for only 10%. My attitude will determine 90% of how I respond to the external events

  11. Medications

  12. Light therapy