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Meagan Olszowy

Position: Registration Clerk
Years at BCHS: 4 years

Favourite Health & Wellness Activity: Spin class, Aqua boot camp, jogging, free weights, aerobics classes, taking my dog to the park


Janice Hendrick

Position: Senior Organizational Development Consultant
Years at BCHS: 5 years

Favourite Health & Wellness Activities: Walking on the treadmill, yoga, summer days by the pool, wine tasting with good friends


Erin Sleeth

Position: Team Leader, People Development (HR, Organizational Health, Payroll & Staff Scheduling)
Years at BCHS: 12 years

Favourite Health & Wellness Activity: working out (spin class and boxing bootcamp) and spending time with family and friends



Cindy Hayward-Dale

Position: Health & Wellness Coordinator
Years at BCHS: 10 years 

Favorite Health & Wellness Activity: Outdoor bootcamp, obstacle races and quality time with my friends and family


Kathy McKenzie

Position: Operating Room Registered Nurse
Years at BCHS: 29 years

Favourite Health & Wellness Activity: I love many sports and I am quite active in tennis, squash, running, cycling, golfing. I arrange sports events and outings for the OR already, we play dodgeball and volleyball in the Morrison Aud. I have arranged canoe trips and cycling trips for OR staff.  I am also a healthy eater and take Nutritional products that help maintain a healthy immune system.



Jeff Coveyduck

Position: Finance & Operations Advisor
Years at BCHS: 1 year

Favourite Health & Wellness Activity: Running, baseball


Adrienne Dertinger

Position: Registration Clerk
Years at BCHS: 3 years

Favourite Health & Wellness Activity:  Running



Lindsay Blackman

Position: Occupational Therapist
Years at BCHS: first year

Favourite Health & Wellness Activity: Spinning, Walking 



Trish Dawson

Position: Team Leader Diagnostic Imaging  Care & Support
Years at BCHS: 23 years

Favourite Health & Wellness Activity:  Pilates, River walks 



Shelley Singleton

Position: Buyer
Years at BCHS: 18 years

Favourite Health & Wellness Activity:  Zumba, Body Toning and  Walking.  I have taken advantage of our discount offered at the Gretzky Centre to obtain a membership and attend 4 -5 classes weekly



Lauren Keogh

Position: Human Resources Assistant
Years at BCHS: 8 months

Favourite Health & Wellness Activity:  Hot yoga, lift weights (and fitness classes that are barbell based – Body Pump, etc.), fitness challenges (Completed Tough Mudder, and fun 5k races like Colour Me Rad), finding new healthy recipes (favourite cookbooks: The Oh She Glows Cookbook & Thug Kitchen)