Take time to refresh your mind, body and spirit.

Janet Pelerine



Janet Pelerine RPN Ambulatory Care Unit
My wellness journey probably started about 10 or 11 years ago. I was feeling heavy and actually had to shop at a plus size store to find a top for an event :( That was a bit of an eye opener for me and I thought I should make some changes. I didn't like the way I felt or looked. I started by just getting some books on eating healthy like the Atkins diet, the South Beach Dirt and the Eat Clean series of books. I read the books and started to take pieces of advice from each book and changed the way I was eating.
I started to lose some weight and then decided it was time to get a gym membership. I did my own thing for a while then found classes..spin class..kick boxing. I enjoyed the class atmosphere. About 4 years ago I found Crossfit and haven't looked back. In the past 5 years I've completed 2 half marathons, competed in a few Crossfit competitions, things I used to see other people doing and never thinking I could do those things as well with hard work and dedication. The friends and community of my Crossfit gym are an important part of my day to day life. My "diet" has changed and evolved over the years from eating clean to now counting macros, but it's really a lifestyle change. Just like going to workout, it's just part of my day and never a chore.
I feel better than I ever had, have lots of energy, and know that this is not a phase for me or some quick fix.
I hope I inspire other people to make positive healthy changes in their fitness and nutrition by seeing that I did it and at 50 continue to live a healthy active lifestyle :)