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Dr Phillippe Dass - Anesthesiology

I am the newest full time anesthesiologist to join the BCHS family and am very happy to have chosen to work here! I've met some wonderful people here and enjoy working with them and caring for our patients together!

My wellness and fitness story began a long time ago, as I have always been lucky enough to be involved in sport and fitness activities.

During my undergraduate degree (Human Kinetics) and in medical school I was very active and had gotten involved in triathlon racing mostly. I completed 4 Iron-distance triathlons, 1 half-iron distance triathlon, numerous other triathlons, 6 marathons, cycle tours etc... I was very active.

I was very fortunate to meet my wife, Manon Campeau Dass, while playing ultimate frisbee. She is a gifted athlete and determined person. A high school math teacher by training.

A few years ago, during my residency I lost my way in regards to my own health. I made poor nutrition choices and stopped being active and gained a significant amount of weight. My wife and I had 3 children during this time also and we both stopped taking care of ourselves.

This past September we decided to get back into it and to change all that. We got healthy and fit together doing at home workouts mainly. My wife lost over 30lbs and I lost 40lbs doing these various exercise routines.

We both enjoyed them so much that we decided to become Health and Wellness coaches and help others get fit and healthy also. It's my wife's full time business now and I help her as much as I can. We run free private facebook groups to help motivate people to be active and stay healthy. Our team, since November 2015, has grown to over 100 people!

My wife has also gotten back into running and she posted a 24:02 5k time at Around the Bay road race just recently. She is racing again this weekend in Ottawa to try and better her 5k time!

I've gotten back into triathlon and am doing Syracuse 70.3 and Barrelman half iron distance triathlon this summer!

I feel great and my life has changed for the better!

If you would like to join us or find out more about our team please find me at work or on facebook or contact my wife directly through facebook!

We are always happy to help!

Dr. Philippe Dass
Anesthesiologist - BGH

Manon Campeau Dass (Manoncd Campeau Dass - facebook)