Take time to refresh your mind, body and spirit.

Josie Gratton

My healthy lifestyle started in my twenties, I was always very athletic, and into sports while in school.  I enjoyed going to the gym and took my passion of workouts to the next level by becoming a fitness instructor. I have taught fitness classes now for 25 years, I have met many great friends and people over the years.  When I started my job at the hospital as an echocardiographer, I started to realize that a healthy lifestyle was important to keep your heart healthy as well as the rest of the body. I decided to eat clean and avoid processed food, only eating natural foods and vegetables and fruits.  I have run marathons, participated in many obstacle courses and continue to teach fitness classes and run on a daily basis. My healthy lifestyle keeps me in great health and spirits, feeling strong and keeping me in wonderful shape to perform my job to my full potential.